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Cues, Clues, and Tattoos…What to do When Millennials Run the World

Can you connect in a world of Perfect Strangers?

Creating Compelling, Positive Word of Mouth

Is your business built on brief, infrequent encounters?

Turned On Teams Can Do Anything!

Discovering the lost power of the first day.

Scott speaking at Sage Summit 2014Is it getting harder to find loyal, energetic employees who truly love their customers?

Do your job applicants suffer from an undeveloped work ethic? Do they have poor skills but rich expectations? Be honest, this is something you’ve been quietly talking about for years. Because the truth can be so politically incorrect, no one has stepped up and shouted, “Enough!”

Until now.

Imagine a workplace where everyone pulls their weight and goals are clear, and focused, and fun.  T. Scott Gross has an answer to our biggest problem: Finding, training, leading, and keeping great employees.  His solution is so elegantly simple you’ll be surprised.  And you can hire Scott to help or simply do it yourself.

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Positively Outrageous Keynote Speaker

T. Scott Gross is consistent…and that’s a good thing!
He shows up well-prepared and ready to deliver… and deliver is exactly what he does. He’s a little quiet off the platform but when he is on, he is really on! The best use of his talent as a storyteller and disruptive thinker is to have Scott present your opening keynote to set the stage for a successful conference.While some speakers are good, Scott is the speaker people talk about!“I loved the keynote speaker for his honesty, his incredible humor and the Positively Outrageous stories and message he shared. Can he come back next year?”“I thought he did an amazing job of using his humor to sell his ‘branding yourself’ message!”» Meeting Planners «
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