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Cues, Clues, and Tattoos…What to do When Millennials Run the World

Can you connect in a world of Perfect Strangers?

Creating Compelling, Positive Word of Mouth

Is your business built on brief, infrequent encounters?

Turned On Teams Can Do Anything!

Discovering the lost power of the first day.

Millennial Rules

Millenial RulesMillenial Rules: How to connect with the first digitally savvy generation of consumers and employees
My way. Right away. Why pay? That’s the Millennial Mantra that is driving a generation of the most connected, knowledgeable, and demanding consumers in history. And no surprise…. connected and demanding does a pretty good job of describing Millennial employees. Whether we have just delivered good news or bad news is up to you. One thing for sure, you are going to need patience, information, and a copy of Millennial Rules to thrive in our digital world.

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