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Cues, Clues, and Tattoos…What to do When Millennials Run the World

Can you connect in a world of Perfect Strangers?

Creating Compelling, Positive Word of Mouth

Is your business built on brief, infrequent encounters?

Turned On Teams Can Do Anything!

Discovering the lost power of the first day.


In good times, we train hard. In bad times, the smart guys train even harder. Sure, we can deliver a keynote and to be a bit immodest, we’re good at keynotes. How did our keynotes evolve from a lesson plan to industrial strength entertainment? Training! We’ve given our keynotes so many times that science has turned to art.

Can’t afford a meeting? Don’t cancel your training!

When budgets get crunched and you find yourself doing more with less, here’s a solution that will save the day: web-based training. Send your team to training without sending them across the country. We’ll provide custom programming that is fun, interesting, effective, and at costs so low, you’ll be amazed! If you have a favorite author, expert, or speaker, just ask and we’ll arrange for them to join us on the web or on camera.

Custom Learning Systems

What do you do when you need to train hundreds, even thousands, in skills that demand content that really works? You call us!

What you don’t know…could help you! We’ve produced nearly two hundred custom video-based training programs under the brand name, Our Time Productions. We know how to produce video-based training programs quickly and inexpensively.

Video-based training, being linear and inexpensive, is perfect as a supplement to a live training presentation. (We often refer to it as disposable video.) And it is killer when used with non-linear applications hosted on the web.

Web-based training resembles a linear video cut into small kernels of information. The learner has control over the program and, in most cases, must pass a test to earn credit for the course. For web-based training, we partner with the best of the best: BrainX. Using the latest in neuro-biology discoveries, BrainX can teach more people in less time with dramatically improved retention. While the competition is turning text into HTML, we have BrainX already at work.

Web-based training is cost effective and perfect for your core modules.

Training people right is important. Training the right people is critical. We can help! Most hiring systems include a written instrument designed to verify the fit of the candidate. Recruiting systems options may include a video and custom-designed question sets.

Let us create a hiring system just for you! Hiring systems make hiring easier, result in better hires, and help avoid legal complications. For the best possible results, we partner with Accord Management Systems and use their validated pre-hire profile instruments to make sure you train only the right people!


For situations requiring quick response or for those nagging performance issues that seem to pop up when you have little or no budget, a custom webinar may be the least expensive, most effective solution. Custom webinars are subject specific and customer specific. They require a leader and access to the web. Webinars accommodate large audiences, and are terrific for communicating critical information quickly.

We can have a custom webinar ready to rock and roll in a matter of hours. Just call and be ready to be amazed!

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